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The Rise and Fall of the Yellow House

Seattle, 1983. Frightened by the growing epidemic, Jeff flees New York for Seattle, only to find AIDS has a foothold in his new home. He meets Henry, an alluring younger man and, despite the jarring contrasts between them, the two are drawn together. This debut novel revisits the early years of AIDS in the Northwest with vivid detail, unrelenting honesty, and profound compassion.

Maid Service

Bill, a young gay man living in California, returns to Boston in the summer of 1987 to visit his old college roommate and briefly lover, David. He, David, and their buddy Lou drive to Provincetown for a week's gay vacation, where the old ties of friendship among them deepen. But their good time is threatened by increasingly volatile personalities and a growing AIDS epidemic encircling them in an ever tighter grasp.

The Rise and Fall of Modern Japanese Literature

The Rise and Fall of Modern Japanese Literature tells the story of Japanese literature from its start in the 1870s against the backdrop of a rapidly coalescing modern nation to the present. John Whittier Treat takes up both canonical and forgotten works, the non-literary as well as the literary, and pays special attention to the Japanese state's hand in shaping literature throughout the country's nineteenth-century industrialization, a half-century of empire and war, its post-1945 reconstruction, and the challenges of the twenty-first century to modern nationhood.